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Food Consult for restaurant and Food Supplier.  One Stop Service Private Consult.
Live Training one by one.
10 Businesses each monthly only.
Shortcut for Sucessful, 10 time quicker. Quick break-even since the first month, Good Profit
Wasting your time on trial by yourself
It is better if you know the secrets of success.
No need to wait for 10 years untill sucessful

What you will get from food consulting course from Chefdaiki

          Overall of our working experiences, Iron Chef competition, Development of food recipe 10 years, Shorten to 2 days. Make you can cook with the same taste as chef
        Food recipe and know how to cook, ready for sale after training with us.
        Making of instant sauce and instant mixer, control of stable food flavor. Different kitchen crew, stable taste.
        Our recipe contain weight per gram of each ingredient. Making blue print for every of kitchen crew.
        Equipments and tools that professional chef choose to buy. Durable and long-life
        Premium raw material suppliers.
        Food cost calculation, per kilogram and per dish.
        After sale service, if you stuck with the following issue:
            - The resignment of kitchen crew
            - Business expansion with additional branches waste your time on training.
            We can help you to handle, no need to waste your time on training your kitchen crew by yourselves. Let us help!!!


Promotion (Only 3 days)

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Our portfolio
Cute Pig

Korean restaurant consultant by chefcooking by daiki (Consulting kitchen plans, menu design, recipes, staff training)


Tangty Suki

Korean restaurant consultant chefcooking by daiki (Menu consultation, recipes, training)



Tiew Hang Tomyum Mun Kung

Shrimp sauce noodles and shrimp basil fried rice created by chefcooking by daiki

Pirate Farm

Spicy duck salad with condensed egg and duck with red pork sauce created by chefcooking by daiki (Consulting kitchen plans, menu design, recipes, staff training)
Guay Jab Station

Thai rolled noodles in five spices soup and stewed pork leg on rice created by chefcooking by daiki

Our classroom

Location – Our institute

Location –In-house training
Q1 : I don't know how to cook but I want to open a restaurant, if I use your recipe creation service will I be able to cook like a chef?

A1 : You will cook as close to our chefs as possible and we will teach you until you can actually cook.


Q2 : I live out of town, where can I study?

A2 : We have a team to serve you at your restaurants all over Thailand.


Q3 : Should the store owner or employee attend the training?

A3 : Both should study because if the employee resigns, the owner will be able to teach the new employee.


Q4 : The promotional price is 30,000 baht for every menu, right?

A4 : Prices will depend on the complexity of the menu, please inquire us at 062-896-1987.


 Q5 : Does this price include food ingredients?

A5 : This price already covers food ingredients as well.


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